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About the Alum Creek Bookbinder


The world might be going digital, but Master Bookbinder Ron Chapman knows his craft is still a much-needed commodity. His passion for reviving family heirlooms keeps his steady fingers working away, skillfully stitching spines and creating custom covers to re-build books better than new.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Ron has gained 36 years of experience binding books, from newly printed government documents to tattered Bibles passed down through the generations.
He has worked for the Federal Government, and is now retired and settled in the Mountain State, West Virginia.

The business is a family affair, with Ron’s wife, Marsha, taking the reins in marketing her husband’s "hobby", and handling customer relations.  Ron is also passing on his knowledge another generation to his daughter and apprentice, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is eagerly taking up the craft, committing to the years of training she will need to one day take over her father’s work.  Still learning the ropes, she’s putting in the hours with the same dedicated care Ron shows for his work.

Why Alum Creek?

  • Full-service book repair, including custom covers and hand-stitched rebinding
  • Life-long quality guarantee (the life of the book, that is)
  • Master Bookbinder with 36 years of experience
  • You don't pay a penny until your book is back in your hands and you are satisfied.
  • Free estimates
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