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Alum Creek Bookbinder Work


When we help salvage precious heirlooms, it’s not uncommon for people to cry, hug and kiss their book and us. We take ancient-looking Bibles, family records and historic documents and preserve them for centuries to come with our signature, lifetime-guaranteed, custom rebinding process.

Some of these books are ornately designed testaments of a bygone era and must be delicately handled as the historic artifacts they are. We have even had heirloom Family Bibles come to us torn apart and on the brink of complete and utter decimation.  You wouldn’t believe what great treasures pass through our hands, and how fully we can repair even the most damaged books thanks to our expert craftsman level experience working with genuine artificial leather as well as a wide variety of other materials as needed to match your bible’s original binding.

That’s why we wanted to show you some examples of our more interesting work, complete with photos so you can see what we’re spending our time and handiwork patching up and preserving. Whether you are looking to restore a family bible that has been passed down for generations, or simply need a rebinding of your daily use bible, our staff will expertly attend to your book’s specialized needs with the same level of care and attention to detail they would use for their own bibles at home.

Why Alum Creek?

  • Full-service book repair, including custom covers and hand-stitched rebinding
  • Life-long quality guarantee (the life of the book, that is)
  • Master Bookbinder with 36 years of experience
  • You don't pay a penny until your book is back in your hands and you are satisfied.
  • Free estimates
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